Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Skills, Talents and Qualities


Kia ora, my name is Aja and I am going to be telling you about my skills, talents and qualities. My first skill is showing leadership. A good leader should always be a kind and loving person to others and the environment. My talent is cooking. I love cooking and I also bake, I bake a lot of desserts and also cook dinner and help out my parents with breakfast when we have bacon and eggs or something to cook. My quality is being a good role model, especially at school. Last of all my strengths are swimming, patience, dancing, academics, creative, and I am also flexible. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and stay tuned for more.

Blog you later!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Blog Silhouette

Hi bloggers, glad to be posting again. For this week I have chose to put up a photo, of me holding a silhouette that I had to complete for art. I had great fun creating my blog profile with a silhouette, because it was creative and I love getting creative. I am giving out directions on how to make a silhouette, and it is really simple, you only need an extra person to draw the outline. So I have cut out pieces from a magazine that I enjoy or like, and even some of my hobbies, and you can have a go at it too.

Happy Blogging and I hope you create one of these sometime!

Waitangi Day In Aotearoa

Kia ora, for this blog post I am posting a slide about Waitangi that me and 3 other peers in my class did. We were really serious about this, and we were the only group who had over 30 slides.  We completed all of the tasks that our teacher gave us, and she was very proud to hear about it, and I was worried that it wasn't good enough. We tried to do a voice over with screencastify, but it didn't work because we had to keep restarting when someone kept mucking up so it was really annoying so we decided to just stand up and speak.

Happy Blogging and enjoy!

Surfing At Matauri Bay

Kia ora, for today I have decided to post my recount about our surfing class at Matauri Bay when we went on camp. I hope that this is interesting for you, because everyone is writing about it in our class because it was really fun but also tiring. For camp, you should go here because it has a few activities that you would really like. Me and my friend had lots of fun but we were really exhausted when we got back to camp, and we were just laying on our beds having a small sleep.

Happy blogging, and also enjoy!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Thursday Baking


In week 2 on Thursday, we went to Kaikohe Intermediate School to have cooking classes. We made a no-bake chocolate fudge slice and a weetbix slice. We also made icing for both, but me and my partner Fern, didn't make icing for the weetbix slice because when we had tried the first slice with the icing on, we didn't like it. It was a fun experience when we were baking these because it was fun measuring and getting dirty because we were wiping our hands all over our clothes. Down below is a photo of one of our finished slices:
Inline images 1

A Breathtaking Run

Last week on Thursday we had Cross Country. Schools were showing up and people had butterflies, I was buzzing with butterflies, and I didn't want to run anymore. As soon as all the schools arrived, the years 1-3 had to walk the track before they ran it. When they finished walking their track, the years 4-8 needed to walk their track. When we came back, the races were starting. All the little kids went, and it was the years 7 and 8 turn. We ran a long way, running through massive puddles that were knee deep. Our legs were soaking, and I was wearing shoes. I couldn't run much more so I stopped. It came to the end of the race and I finished just before one of my friends. I didn't know what place I came because they didn't tell me. After that, I asked the boys from our school what place they came and they did well. I then bought me a iceblock and hung out with my friends and we were playing handball. Everyone then headed home and the day was over. It was a really long day.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My story of the lost yak, that me and one of the younger girls did in my class.